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ou need a bank willing to issue a conditional payment for the borrowing and lending fee.This can be your own bank, the receiving bank, or a third party bank, regardless where your SBLC or BG is going to be stent to, a solution can be structured for your transaction accordingly. Only if you can get this conditional payment confirmation (the Essential Bank Payment Instrument) from an acceptable bank, you can benefit from this SBLC or BG collateral service.

Time is of the essence in all aspects of this transaction! The collateral borrowing and lending term expires 15 days prior of the maturity date of the Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit. At that time you can ask for an extension for another year, or have your bank return the financial instrument unencumbered.

I Singapore I use Citi Bank and the German banks with those deals for trading platforms and lending on company and personal loans if they have a current bank statements. I place bank that have Gold bars like Barkley bank dory bars and certificates converting into cash and block funds platforms

 The opportunity would begin with 3x bullet program then 40 week program (to be determined by trader with account holder, based on client’s banking circumstance). It is a tear sheet program, as long as it’s a larger bank and good branch.


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 The tear sheet programs open and close very quickly; please move promptly, this is accepting now. Other options may be available. Client must be immediately reachable and cooperative to Intake Officer and Trader. Please, do not submit if there is not direct client access, intake officer and the trader have no business time for games reviewing a submission only to discover the client cannot be found or is not reachable, or someone stands in the way. I see if they have asset’s of sort’s that they want to turn into cash to secure an instrument to leverage in a PPP. If I’m missing something and they already have cash and just want to take it to trade or secure an instrument to take to trade that’s fine but either way they aren’t ready for submission unit they have the asset free and clear and the are RWA to go to trade and THEN they need to submit a current KYC along with current asset.


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