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Trade programs start with two hundred and fifty million dollars . This will provide you with 2X the historic value in the first 10 days, and 2X historic value in the next 10 and 20 days. tree times the historic value in thirty day on a 40 plus month, But a tier A of five hundred million dollar platform for a 40 plus week program which is a MT 730 and MT 760 will provide payments to be sent to your accounts in five days


The opportunity would start with a 3x bullet program than a 40-week program (to be determined by trader with the account holder, based on client’s banking circumstance). The tearsheet programs open and close very quickly; please move promptly, this is accepting now. Other options may be available. Must be the real account holder and owner. It is a tear sheet program, as long as it’s a larger bank and a good branch. Please, make sure that the account holder’s direct contact information is presented (telephone number; email address; Translator contact info/. Email address and telephone ); include a detailed Origin of Funds (where funds come from); Passport, Complete CIS current banking statement or tear sheet; and banker business card is favored. The client must be immediately reachable and cooperative with Intake Officer and Trader. Please, do not submit if there is no direct client access, intake officer and the trader have no business time for games reviewing a submission only to discover the client cannot be found or is not reachable, or someone attains in the way. We have available program positions for several new, cooperative clients.


Under Federal regulation a KYC application is required for every prospective applicant so we can know the client to make sure that everything is above board. Once you are in compliant and we accept the application, many programs become available to you. If you own property and have a current appraisal of the property a loan can be obtained against that property. This is also the same with having a business on that property, or business without owning the property, I will need a 5 year proforma, current bank statements (3) and show how much funding it coming in to pay for the monthly payments. Now for the trading programs available.

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Here is a sample letter your bank will need to get me as well. RWA LETTER OF INTENT TO SEND THE BLOCKED & RESERVED FUNDSDate: [insert date] To: [client name and account holder, title] Reference: [insert reference code] Dear Sir/Madam: At your request, we [insert bank name] located at [insert bank address], confirm with full responsibility that your clean clear and unencumbered assets in form of cash of a present value of [insert amount], in [insert account name & number], shall be reserved and blocked for a period of one year and one month from the date of your instruction via our Swift MT799 swift message. We shall transmit that message to bank coordinates provided by you, upon your instructions to do so. We further confirm that these funds are unrestricted, free of any lien or encumbrance, clean and legally obtained and can be reserved for the benefit of your investment company at your request. We also irrevocably confirm that Swift MT799 is a fully confirmed instrument, which may serve as collateral to secure any loan, credit line or credit facilities. This confirmation of blocked cash value funds may be confirmed via an officer-to-officer basis. This RWA instrument issued by us is subject to the uniform customs and practices (1993 revision) under international chamber of commerce publication number 500/600.


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To start, SBLC, Once your bank issues you a Stand By Letter Of Credit ( SBLC ) we provide a cash advance or Loan against that SBLC once it is confirmed through that issuing bank that has a swift or wire for funds transferred, at the same time our banks can issue the SBLC if you qualify and we will also put in place a cash colleterial to lend against on that SBLC or place it on a The executive Investment opportunity trading program which I will address as we show here

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